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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


On my favorite knitting discussion list, there's been alot of talk about knitting gloves lately. Which is great news since so many knitters seem really put off by them. Recently, I've had new shops order patterns for all the Heartland Knits designs except the gloves.
But, because I'm more apt to wear handknit gloves myself, I'm in the midst of switching a design originally formed for a mitten to a glove.

The mittens were started several years ago after I attended Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp. The year I was there a couple of the sessions were held in October and it so happened we received about 5" of snow one night. Well, we had already taken our class photo but most of us trudged out into the parking lot to take another one. This was a very wet type of snow and the weight of it laid heavily on the limbs of the pine trees. It reminded me of a motif that EZ used in a pair of her Norwegian style mittens in _Knitting Around_. So to mark the event, I started a pair of my own mittens adapting her tree along with a type of lice patterning from Joyce W's _Latvian Dreams_ book that reminded me of falling snow. The yarn is Fairy Hare (60% merino, 40% angora) from Kimmet Croft fibers which I purchased from one of the camp vendors.

When they're finished, they'll be a nice remembrance of a great knitting camp experience.


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