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Monday, January 16, 2006

Aran afghan

A knitter I met through the Master Knitter program contacted me a few weeks ago about knitting my square in the Great American Aran Afghan. I've heard talk about the afghan in a few other places lately (maybe there's a knitalong going on or something), so I thought I'd post a photo of my completed afghan.

It's knit from the Plymouth Encore that was part of my prize. Besides the Encore, (actually, I still have enough of that to knit another entire afghan), I also won all the books XRX had published at that time (through Gathering of Lace) and several bags of Galway. I used most of the Galway for my master knitter program swatches and, they were aqua blue, not cream colored. How shocking! (private joke that only the other master knitters probably get)

I'm still completely amazed that my square was chosen in the contest. When I set out to design it, I had no intentions of sending it in as it was purely a personal sentiment (see Dec 9 entry). I had knit one of Knitter's previous afghans and inserted a square of my own, and thought I'd do the same with this one. After showing it to my LYS owner and having her strong encouragement, I took a chance. It sure paid off.


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