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Friday, August 04, 2006

July catch-up

Yes, I've been a very bad blogger. But will try to make up for it by showing you something which arrived in the mail yesterday.

Look at all this gorgeous Jonquil Wensleydale! It makes me think of honey sweet corn and butter and wheat. Yes, it was dyed by that Master of the Dyepot, Lisa Souza. She wasn't just born with the dyeing gene either, but also the really nice person gene, too. See the fiber up front with the belly band. I received that from her a couple of months ago. Then I decided I wanted to make enough yarn for a sweater (that was one of my spinning/knitting goals for this year) and she actually matched the new batch to the old one. And perfectly, I'd say. I bet if I took the band off and mixed them all together I'd be hard pressed to separate it out again.

In knitting news, I finished Hyrna from the Three Cornered and Long Shawls book. It's knit from Lisa's Sock! Merino in the Wild Things colorway. I snapped the close up on the right to try to get the colors to show up more but for some reason my flash kept going off even though I was outside (and it was sunny out) so it appears lighter than it actually is. It was a quick decision on my part to use this yarn for the project and am I ever glad I did.

And finally, one last photo. Here is my Stargazer Lily blooming during our recent hot spell. Other years the flowers have opened one at a time but I guess the hot weather made them open all at once. It was a lovely show.


At 11:03 PM, Blogger Melanie said...

Oh boy, your Hyrna is simply beautiful. So elegant, and the knitting is perfection.

At 8:51 AM, Blogger June said...

Vicki, what gorgeous work you do! I love the Hyrna and Wild Things is definately one of my favorite colors! Going off to see what trouble I can get into on Lisa's site!

At 8:15 AM, Blogger CarolineF said...

I have to laugh as I go through my daily blog perusal - Lisa everywhere, all the time. We're like a little syndicate. I can't wait to see what you do with that wensleydale.

At 3:10 PM, Blogger jenknits said...

Hyrna is gorgeous! What an undertaking! Love the flowers, too.

At 10:34 PM, Blogger Barb said...

What a beautiful shawl! I can't wait to see watch your blog for progress on your Jonquil sweater.

At 11:11 PM, Anonymous AlisonH said...

Gorgeous shawl! And, having done a lot of dyeing myself, the idea of being able to match a dyelot like that, that well--exclaiming wow just doesn't begin to cover it. Wow, though.

And I love the lily picture. (Hey, Lisa, you see those shades of pink there?...) Lol!


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