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Monday, April 14, 2008

The End of the Road

Err, guess that should be the End of the Path--Forest Path, that is. It's finished and it's huge! Still haven't found a satisfactory way to wear it yet.
Close up shot of the lace entrelac. Angela and Denise wanted details on how I changed the edge. It was mostly done in the manner of Orenburg shawls.
Here are my pithy directions.

A long strip of edging (I used one from Galina's book) is knit to the desired width of one of the short sides. Be sure to knit the straight edge of the strip with a slipped stitch to make the pick up easy. Then in the Orenburg way, turn the corner on the edging, pick up the sts and knit across. Place the sts from the cast on (I used a provisional cast on but it isn't strictly necessary to do that) on the needle and turn that corner (lower left). Then, knit back across all the sts (forming one garter ridge), decreasing so you have the starting 100 sts in the middle (20 sts each for 5 bottom triangles). Work the edging along with the side triangles. Because the edging is garter based, short rows are needed to make it lie flat. I did 2 sets of short rows (wrap and turn ones) for each 16 row repeat. It was fairly easy to remember to do them as you switched from the expanding to the contracting section of the points. I forgot in a couple of places but mainly tried to keep both sides even. Knitting karma worked in my favor as I ended up at the top at the exact row I needed to be to work the corners. You work the top edge as for the bottom. Work the top right corner, pick up and knit across the sts on the top triangles, then work the top left corner and knit back. This left live sts on the needle that were used up as the top edge was worked (in the same manner as lace edgings are generally attached).
Made from Suri Elegance (color 001 White House) from the America's Alpaca (still available but now the company is called something different). Used size 3 (3mm) Ebony straight needles. The yarn was soft and luscious to knit with and makes a wonderful drapey fabric. Would definitely like another shawl from it. Maybe one not so unwearably huge this time.


At 2:26 PM, Blogger Melanie said...

Yours is truly the most beautiful Forest path stole I have ever seen. The border is perfect. Thanks for the information on how you worked it.

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Maureen in Fargo said...

The stole is absolutely gorgeous, Vicki!

I'm a lot bigger than you...

At 12:38 AM, Blogger kimber said...

You're worried about how to WEAR it??? The thing is so beautiful! You should wear it any way you want to!

At 6:54 AM, Blogger vanessa said...


At 7:12 AM, Anonymous CarolineF said...

Wow that is lovely. Enjoy just looking at it!!

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Gail said...

It looks pretty good right where it is, but maybe if you cocoon yourself in it and stroll down main street, you'll catch Johnny Depp's eye. I went back and looked at when you restarted this shawl. That's a lot of knitting in 5 weeks! Just beautiful.

At 11:52 PM, Blogger Angela said...

Vicki - it's beautiful!

I love it with your border - delicate and elegant.


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