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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Goats on the Roof

What's that you say? There are goats on the roof?

Yes, indeed, I took a drive last month to just such a place in Door County, which is the peninsula in Wisconsin that juts into Lake Michigan. It is a very popular tourist area and many people have summer homes there. It also has an ideal climate for growing cherries, both sweet and sour but it is probably more known for the latter.

Well, probably just as well known as the cherry crop is Al Johnson's restaurant in Sister Bay. When I visit I always make a point to stop there for a lunch of Swedish pancakes with Lingonberry jam. (And, always bring several jars of Lingonberry's home, too.) But, the place is probably best known for the turf roof on it's log cabin building. During the summer, they allow a herd of goats up onto it to mow the grass.

It's quite a sight.


At 9:26 AM, Blogger June said...

And I am so glad you shared with us! Holy Cow! I never would have thunk it!


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