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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Tale of Two Shawls

This summer I knit two shawls. If you remember, one was the Indiski from the spring Piecework; more on that later.

But in July, one of my friends hit a rough patch and I wanted to make something bright and sunny to cheer her up. The night I heard her difficult news, I looked around for the perfect yarn and there it was. The Weld Angora/Merino handspun from Tactile.

The pattern was a natural, too. We used to joke about how we were the last two knitters on earth who hadn't knit a Flower Basket shawl--well now I've knit one and she has one so that's taken care of. During the knitting of it, I hummed every song with sunshine as part of the title or words. Looks like blue skies are heading her way now as she came through surgery with flying colors.
Flower Basket shawl by Evelyn Clark
Worked 13 repeats of the main pattern and a couple of extra rows in the edging so as to use up every bit of the yarn.
Size 4 needles.
Here it is being modeled on my wheel.

We have a much better model for the Indiski. All along I planned on making this for myself. But, from the moment the yarn arrived and every single time she saw me working on it, my little mom asked about who it was for, always reminding me how much she loved blue. Yeah, I like blue, too. But, the writing was on the wall, and I knew this one was fated to be a birthday prezzie for her.

Presenting, the Indiski.
ColourMart cashmere 3/28
Size 2.5mm needles.
1,056 yds
Rosemary's new nickel bluebird pin looks perfect with it.
And, here she is, the birthday girl. It probably wouldn't be nice of me to mention her age....but it ends in a 0. (*whispering* and starts with a nine)
Join me in wishing her many more returns of the day!

And, because I've been absent, it's only right to give you a peek into what I'll be knitting next.
This box arrived with some very pretty stamps.