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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ready, Set....

The swatching. Done. The looking through stitch dictionaries. Done. Choosing patterns. Done. Calculating stitch counts. Done.

Please excuse the rather uncomposed photo but that's how the table in front of me looked. We have three different yarns. Sock! in Turqua and Sage and some cream Glimmer alpaca. There is a skein of cream Opal sock yarn on the way, too. I intend to use the Turqua unless the color variation obsures the st patterns too much. Then, I may switch to the cream to use as a cover model. Also shown are two sets of stitch dictionaries--the Lisl Fanderl Bauerliches Stricken series and another 3 book paperback set by Maria Erlbacher called Uberlieferte Strickmuster. Then various needles, both circular and double points.

I'm all set and ready to go. I know many knitters are planning to start when it's 2p in the States but I'm going to wait until the Opening Ceremonies are broadcast on tv. Until then...I'll be waiting.


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